Circle Lanes

  Dear Friends and Family, My father, Mario Panagrosso,  told me stories of how he’d take the streetcar from Olive Street in New Haven, where he lived, to East Haven, Connecticut.  There he’d hunt for mushrooms, which grew in the forest.  East Haven, at that time, was mostly farms and forest.  At least from the way he’d tell it. He was just a boy then.  He was acquainted with an older man, one of … Read more

Sign Paintings

Since leaving Saint Germain-en-laye I’ve been painting in my studio in Paris.  A bit cramped and temporary, but it will do for now.  Here’s a photo… But have I been painting Paris?  No, not yet.  Warmer weather would help.  What I have been painting is West Haven, Connecticut.  Cut-Rate Furniture store is just over the border from New Haven on Route 1, near a small triangular park called Cellini Place… What I love here … Read more