What does a painting sound like?


“Samuel” or “Boy on Staircase”
Oil on Canvas
48 x 24 inches

Dear Friends and Family,

Helen Davey, an Australian musician who composes and performs music in response to art works, has set my painting “Samuel” to music.  My painting is eighth in a series of 52 pieces of art in her current project “Project 52 Sound-Paintings.”  Fifty-two musical compositions in response to fifty-two artists over fifty-two weeks.   I am honored to be a part of this project.
When I painted this picture of Samuel, I was struck by the light and how he seemed to be embedded in it, yet unaware of its fleeting nature.  He was oblivious to me and everything else around him, except for the project he was working on.  I think Helen captures this beautifully in her music.
Listen to more of Helen’s music on Soundcloud, or visit her facebook page.
Thank you,


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