Cora’s Coffee Shoppe


Last year, on college tour with my family to California, we came upon Cora’s Coffee Shoppe.  Sometimes when you’re on vacation (or on college tour) it’s nice to step out of your motel early in the morning before all the other tourists are up.  Grab a coffee and walk on the beach, or down the Main Street.  Or in this case Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Cora’s is located on 1802 Ocean Avenue.

What I tried to capture here is that feeling of early morning.  You know it’s going to be a hot day but now it’s cool, with a breeze off the ocean.  And the light!  Warm, changing, moving, threatening to become too hot, but for now just fine.

As you know I love painting trees and here I had the opportunity to paint a palm tree.  I’m happy to report that palm trees are no more symmetrical than New England Pine trees.  And there are dead branches on palm trees.

I also love the juxtaposition between a California beach restaurant and the Old (or is it Middle) English “Shoppe.”

I found this California Shoppe during an unexpected escape from the New England winter, but I’ve finished it now during my summer in Paris.

My daughter has decided not to go to college in California, and that’s too bad for me.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit her in Santa Monica, and have breakfast at Cora’s.

Cora’s Coffee Shoppe is eleventh in the series “Sign Paintings”.

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