Early Morning Drives…

INDIAN NECK GARAGE©2016 Felice PanagrossoOil on Canvas33 x 55 centimeters
©2016 Felice Panagrosso
Oil on Canvas
33 x 55 centimeters

Dear Friends and Family,
On trips to Connecticut from France we usually experience jet-lag, but in a good way, waking up early, around 4am. One morning my daughter asked if we could take a drive. Where? Anywhere. Shall we drive north, west or east? We drive east, just drive for a couple of hours, enjoying the sky lightening in front of us. We always drive on secondary roads, this time on Route 1, the Boston Post Road.  The Boston Post Road is a system of roads that originally served as a mail route between Boston and New York City.  It mostly parallels Interstate Route 95, but is much more interesting.  Being on this road this early gives us a great feeling of freedom.  We are up far too early to compete with the morning commuters.  On this particular day, we drive almost to Guilford, stopping here in Branford, Connecticut.  We pause here, admiring the sunrise, in front of a service station called Indian Neck Garage.


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