Painting Safari 2015, Part II



Dear Friends and Family,

While spending more time in France this summer than ever before, yet wanting to travel light when we finally did depart for the US, I decided to explore other painting media.  The sketch above is a watercolor of a café in our neighborhood in the 9th arrondissement…

A sketch in acrylic paint of rue Bruyeres.  I can actually see this street when I lean out of my apartment window.

Here is a photo of my watercolor “setup” at Cape Cod.  Notice I did not forget the sunscreen!


Watercolor sketch of sunset on the Cape…



When all is said and done, oil paint is still my preferred medium. An oil sketch of our backyard in Orange, Connecticut…


I played around with watercolor, oils, acrylic and pen and ink on this accordion sketchbook this summer…


Some of these sketches, drawings and studies will be worked up into complete paintings in the weeks to come, and some won’t, but it was fun exploring.



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