Perkins Rubber Stamps

Perkins Rubber Stamps Oil on Canvas 61 x 38 cm
Perkins Rubber Stamps
Oil on Canvas
61 x 38 cm


During our stay in the US this summer, I spent a lot of time hanging around Bikram Yoga New Haven, on Elm Street.  I must have passed this Perkins Rubber Stamp Company sign at least 20 times.  The business is still listed at 43 Elm Street and you can still buy rubber stamps from them.  I’m not the only one who loves this sign.  Here are a couple of photos of it on flickr.   But as far as I know, this is the only painting of it.   I began this picture before we left Paris in July, was able to take more notes during the summer, and just finished it last week.

What I love about this sign is its attempt at permanance.  It’s a massive metal and glass structure, fastened to the stone building with steel chains.  (The stone facade, in this morning light, reminds me of the yellow ochre color of Parisian buildings.)  Yet the paint on the sign is peeling, and the neon lights (I think) no longer work.

This is the fifth painting in the series Sign Paintings.  Here are more from a previous post.

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Felice (Phil) Panagrosso



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