Sign Paintings

Since leaving Saint Germain-en-laye I’ve been painting in my studio in Paris.  A bit cramped and temporary, but it will do for now.  Here’s a photo…

Notre Dame de Lorette Studio

But have I been painting Paris?  No, not yet.  Warmer weather would help.  What I have been painting is West Haven, Connecticut.  Cut-Rate Furniture store is just over the border from New Haven on Route 1, near a small triangular park called Cellini Place…

Cut-Rate Furniture

What I love here is the sunlight on crumbling brick walls.  Some of the same colors I see in Paris streets.  And of course the dilapidated, electrical signs themselves.  Peeling, sad and rusty.  The first painting in this series was Firelight Shopping Center, which you’ll find already on this website.

Firelite Shopping Center

Here’s another version of Cut-Rate Furniture…

Cut-Rate Furniture II


5 thoughts on “Sign Paintings”

  1. Phil,
    I love this series of signs. The latest, Perkins Rubber Stamps, evokes the same sentiments you described in your notes. I like the contrast old v new in terms of age and also technology. I mean rubber stamps? But still there’s no real substitute is there? Non blinking neon, peeling paint, the decay are in a way a bit sad. Not to forget the colors you mentioned. Ochre is one of those colors that Paris is draped in if you look for it. Also reminds me of Egyptian army tent canvas I bought in a bazaar in Cairo and had a local tailor stitch a jacket made from it. It was a perfect match for the colors of Sienna in Italy. So your painting brought out memories and emotion in an unexpected way. Thank you for that!

    • Hello Tom,
      Thank you for your message, and for enjoying the painting. I’m glad it evokes the same feelings for you as it does for me. Age versus technology is a great way to phrase it. All technology becomes oblsolete, but we can still enjoy it. Your travels to Egypt and elsewhere in the world add new layers of meaning to my paintings. Thank you. -Phil

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