Three Oil Sketches – Orange, Connecticut

Japanese Maple

This is the first of three oil sketches done in Orange, Connecticut.  Even though we are in the middle of the summer, this Japanese Maple seems to be foreseeing the future, with its yellow/orange leaves and cool shade.

Here are two more sketches.

Hammock and Tree
Hammock and Tree


Trying to capture the heat of a summer

morning.  Intense, but not yet overpowering…








Orchard House
Orchard House


“Orchard House” was painted last summer…

These three paintings can all be found under “Landscapes” in the menu bar on the right.

2 thoughts on “Three Oil Sketches – Orange, Connecticut”

  1. I love the composition–vertical, edge of the building on one side, leaves pushing in on the other–and the texture of the leaves! Yes, the yellow of the building is like other buildings in Europe. It captures an incidental moment but its subject lives on 🙂

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